Why Choose Band Backing Tracks?

band backig tracks

Reason #1: Sound Bigger

Reason #2: Play Tighter

Reason #3: Get Paid More

What are Band Backing Tracks? – pre-recorded instruments and vocals that accompany a band during their live performance. That’s a pretty basic definition but a good place to start.

The truth is, it can really take your show over the top, to the next level, and set your band apart from all the rest. If it’s good enough for the pros, then it’s good enough for you.

Major acts from U2 to Marilyn Manson to Celine Dion are running band backing tracks.

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Before I get into how it works, I want you to know this: I am a musician currently touring across the country playing in multiple bands using the very track I have for sale on this site. My bands play venues from bars & nightclubs to corporate parties, weddings, special events and open for national acts. I guarantee my band backing tracks are better than that of any of my competitors.

Typically, band backing tracks are a stereo mix with instrumentation on one side and a click track on the other. The click is sent to the drummer’s mix while the music track is sent to the PA. The immediate plus to having your drummer play to a click track is your band will instantly be tighter. The accompanying tracks will make your band sound huge! Of course, as an alternative – you could just hire more musicians, and then split your pay even more.

Personally, I’ve found that a four piece band, which sounds like a 10 piece band, is the most profitable way to go.

Check out my song list, listen to my band backing track samples, pick the tracks you want and take the next step in being the most professional working band in your area!

These band backing tracks are pre-mixed and ready to go. Other than overall volume, which side the click track is on (left or right), and the tuning of each track – individual aspects of the tracks cannot be changed.

Tracks are available in standard tuning, A 440 or half step down tuning, Eb, and your choice of click or right or left. You will be able to download all 4 files of each track you purchase, and use whichever version fits your needs.